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Disclaimer (for people who dont understand these) : I am writing this critique based on the artist's current level, not comparing it to a higher or lower one.

1)Vision: I'm able to understand what the artist is trying to portray in the piece. The focus is immediately readable.

2)Originality: It's a fairly generic view with a plain background.

3)Technique: The lining and shading are well done though some of the shading gets lost because there isnt enough contrast. The light source behind the character is pleasing to the eye and draws in the eye to the character itself.

4)Impact: Darker shading to add more depth and creating more movement with the character would allow the piece to have greater impact.

Now to simplify what I've said:

The artist has improved with both muzzles, and general anatomy of the body. I would have loved to see Trinity's arms, perhaps she could be holding something or just have them on her hips/breasts or down at her sides. It looks like her tail is a bit too low, bringing it up a little higher would also create a better "leading line" for the piece.

For the shading I would recommend going just a little darker, I can tell that values were created, but they are hard to see without angling the screen. From what I can see of the values in the shading, they are done well. From what I can tell, the piece wasnt meant to be backlit, rather the dark to light background was to keep it simplified.The light source is well executed with the shading

Maybe try a range of different colors to see what would add more interest rather than keeping a monochromatic color scheme for the background. Since orange is blue's complimentary color, the piece would have more visual interest perhaps with an orange background.

Overall I think it's important to note that there has been a noticeable improvement and that my favorite part of the piece is the shading...I know many artists that have problems in this area and it's good to see noticeable knowledge.

I hope I dont come off as too harsh or something...It is constructive criticism and I genuinely hope that it helps :3
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